Common Questions

What age is Very Best Summer geared toward?

The Preschool track is designed for children ages 3-5. The Elementary track is designed for children entering kindergarten through entering 5th grade.

Is there a cost to watch VBS?

No! VBS is free! Share it with your friends!

What are the VBS kits and how do I get one?

VBS kits include some amazing resources/supplies for the small group and craft activities, as well as some really cool exclusive gifts to make this experience a blast! You can see VBS kit pick-up dates/times and sign up for your kits by pre-registering. Sign up soon – quantities are limited!

I didn’t sign up in time for a kit. Can I participate in VBS without a kit?

YES! 👍 The kits are great, but we completely redesigned VBS to make it easy for you to pull off at home with stuff you probably already have around your house. If you’re missing a supply, no worries! There is enough content to have an incredible time together, even if you decide to skip or rework an activity!

Who are the VBS Small Group Leaders?

We are glad you asked! Under normal circumstances, we would be meeting live and in person and members of our amazing Access Kids team would serve as Small Group Leaders, but this year is special. YOU, the parent or caregiver, get to be your child’s Small Group Leader.

Don’t let the title stress you out. God has given you EVERYTHING you need to lead your family! You are the BEST and MOST IMPORTANT influence in the life of your child! We are SO excited for you to experience Very Best Summer together. If you feel stuck, we’re just an email away. It is our joy to partner with you as you lead your kids in their relationship with Jesus!

Very Best Summer

Summer 2020 may look different than we originally planned, but we’re still excited to host the VERY BEST SUMMER! This Virtual Experience will help kids dive deeper into their faith by putting the FOCUS on God and His amazing plan for us. Your preschoolers through preteens will have a blast as they discover how to trust in what they CAN’T see because of what they CAN see.

We believe this unique opportunity to enjoy VBS at home with your family and maybe a couple of friends will be a sweet time of family discipleship that will help every member of your family grow closer together and closer to Jesus. Let’s go!

We know that every family has different schedules. For that reason there are multiple ways for you to enjoy VBS.

All 5 days of content is available now, “Netflix streaming” style for you to enjoy and engage with in a way that best serves your family. Some of you may want to do all 5 days in a row, more like a traditional VBS. That’s great! If that’s you, check out this sample schedule:

We also know that some of us feel a little “zoomed out” and might need a break from looking at a screen. For that reason, we have also created the sample schedule that takes the 5 days of VBS content and spreads it out over 5 weeks.

Five Day Plan

Sample Schedule:

  • Morning: Small Group Activity
  • Afternoon: Watch Video Together
  • After Dinner: Hands-On Craft and/or Closing Small Group Activity (journaling)

Five Week Plan

Sample Schedule:

  • Monday: Opening Small Group Activity
  • Tuesday: Watch Video Together
  • Wednesday: Hands-On Craft
  • Thursday: Closing Small Group Activity (journaling)

We are super excited about this because it serves as a great tool for family discipleship throughout the week and gives you something new to do together. Remember, you can enjoy this content however works best for your family. There is no right or wrong way.

We pray this resource is a blessing to your family and that when you look back on this unique season, your memories will be filled with fun and meaningful times growing closer together as a family and together, closer to Jesus!